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Help! I'm having trouble joining 86 400

Sometimes mistakes happen. We recommend checking your details twice to ensure you haven’t made a typo with your name, typed in an incorrect digit or are using an expired driver licence.

Here are some helpful tips to help you before trying again.

  • Check your residential address

    Providing the most up to date residential address will ensure our partner database is able to verify you safely and quickly.

    If your residential address includes a unit or lot number, double check it’s included when you review your details on the Check this matches your ID screen.

    If you are unable to find your residential address instantly from our drop-down selections, you may have to enter this information manually.

    And remember, you’ll need to provide your residential address as we cannot accept PO boxes.

    Moved recently? Make sure your address is updated on your ID and official government records, such as the Electoral Roll.

  • Check your ID hasn't expired

    You’ll need to use your latest ID. An expired ID such as a driver licence, passport or Medicare card won’t help in verifying your identity.

    If you are unsure, always check the expiry date before submitting.

  • Tips for using a Medicare card

    Depending on your full name, your name shown on your card may be presented in a different format to how your Australian driver licence or Australian passport display.

    If you opt to use your Medicare card to verify your identify, we strongly recommend reviewing your Medicare card details and ensuring that you type this out exactly as it appears on your card.

    If you type this incorrectly, our partner databases will unfortunately be unable to verify you. This is a common mistake individuals make.

  • Tips for using an Australian passport

    To join us, you need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident with an Australian residential address.

    If you choose to use your passport to verify your identify, please ensure you are using an Australian passport only.

  • Verify using personal details from your credit file at Equifax

    To increase your chances of getting an identity match, we recommend ticking the box on the Check this matches your ID screen as this lets us verify your identity using the personal details on your credit file at Equifax.

    Equifax is a credit reporting agency we use to help verify your identity. We provide Equifax with your full name, date of birth and residential address to see if they match the personal details held in your credit file. Equifax won’t use these details for anything else and no information from your credit history is used to verify your identity.

    This doesn’t affect your credit rating in any way.

  • Try using a different ID

    If you’ve double checked your details and are still not getting a match, adding details for another ID type could help.

    So if your licence alone isn’t working, try adding Medicare or passport details. You can return to the app to add details.

  • Still having issues?

    If you’re still having trouble verifying your identity, get your free Equifax credit report to check the information we’re trying to match against.

    If something’s not right, please get in touch with Equifax and ask them to update your details.

    Unfortunately if you still can’t pass the ID check after verifying your details with Equifax, we’re sorry but you won’t be able to bank with us as there’s no other way for us to verify your identity.