Consumer Data Right

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking gives you the ability to share your 86 400 data with an accredited data recipient to help provide you with information about a product or service.

What is the Consumer Data Right?

The Australian Government introduced the CDR (also known as ‘open banking’) providing consumers with the ability to:

● Request access to CDR data relating to banking products i.e. product data;

● Share their CDR data with other providers that have been accredited to receive such data i.e. consumer data; and

● Correct their consumer data.

Where can I access the policy?

86 400 has a CDR policy which provides information about how 86 400 manages data open banking. You can view our policy here.

How do I access the public APIs?

We’ve made information about our products available through public API’s. To access 86 400 product data please click here.

How do I share my data?

You can share your 86 400 CDR data with an accredited data recipient (ADR). These data recipients will be able to provide you with information about a product or service to compare. To start sharing, you’ll need to follow the steps below: 

1. To start the consent process, you’ll need to go through an ADR you wish to share your data with (on their site or app). From here, you’ll be redirected to our 86 400 site to allow you to provide your consent.

2. We’ll ask you to enter your unique 86 400 Data Sharing ID to begin authentication. If you’re unsure about where to obtain this, please click here.

3. We’ll send you a one time passcode to the mobile number that you have registered with us. 

4. We’ll remind you what 86 400 CDR data will be collected by the ADR and ask you to choose which accounts you’d like to share with them.

5. You’ll be asked to authorise us with the ability to share your 86 400 CDR data with the ADR for a period of 12 months. 

How do I stop sharing my data?

You can withdraw your consent for us to share your 86 400 CDR on any account at any time using your 86 400 app.

To stop sharing, visit Settings > Data sharing in your 86 400 app. You can select ‘stop sharing’ by selecting the accredited third party from the active list.

How long will my consent remain active?

Once you have provided your consent to an accredited data recipient, active consent will remain for a period of 12 months unless you stop sharing your data. The maximum period is 12 months and will not automatically be renewed once expired. If you would like to continue sharing your data once the consent has expired, you will need to create a new consent.

Can I share data from my 86 400 shared accounts?

At this time, you’ll only be able to provide consent to share your 86 400 CDR data that is solely in your name. Shared account data will be rolled out at a later time and we’ll be sure to let you know once this is available.